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K&K is an innovative manufacturer of advanced textile solutions and protective clothing, providing solutions for the Defense,
Electronic, Communications and Hi-tech industries.
K&K, which was established in January 2005 by the third generation of professional
and experienced fabric weavers, is part of Yail Noa group, one of Israel’s leading industrial companies.
Rich Collection & Unlimited Options
K&K’s main products include a wide range of fabrics and products:
• Anti-Static garments and textile products
• Cleanroom garments and textile products
• Fire Resistant and fire retardant products and textiles
• EMI/RFI textile solutions
• Military and other technical textiles
Innovation & Creativity
With a strong focus on R&D and quality control, K&K’s main field of expertise is ESD textile solutions,
antistatic fabrics and garments for use in electrostatic protected areas (EPA).
K&K’s skilled team has an extensive experience in designing, developing and producing top quality antistatic fabrics,
ESD garments, fire and heat resistant textile solutions and EMI protection fabrics and clothing.
K&K’s top quality products are the result of many years of experience and knowledge in the areas of both ESD and textiles.
Top Quality Standards
K&K’s Premium Antistatic fabrics and workwear are made of top quality materials, which comply
with the most advanced international standards including IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 standards.
K&K’s products are able to preserve ESD properties for more than 100 washing cycles at industrial laundries.
True Partnership
K&K has proven expertise in working closely with its customers to meet their special needs
in designing and producing a wide variety of high quality, creative custom-made products.
K&K is a leading manufacturer and worldwide exporter of advanced textile solutions. Its antistatic products are sold all over the world
including: the US, Europe, Canada and Asia. K&K’s widespread network of distributors assures it a strong presence in the UK, Germany,
Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, among other countries.
We believe all the information in
these ‘pages‘ including technical
“data” to be reliable.
However, we give no warranties
expressed or implied and assume
no liability regarding any use
of this information.
K&K preserves its right to alter the
composition and materials used in
manufacturing the product.
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