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Laundry Instructions
The “carbon-suffused” monofilament “nylon” used in our “antistatic” garments
is sensitive to heat, alkalines, acids, softeners and bleach.
In order to prolong the ESD properties of the garments,
please follow these instructions:
• Wash in cold or lukewarm water, no more than 40
C (104
F) with neutral
liquid laundry detergent, i.e., Persil liquid silk and wool, Daz liquid, Ariel
colour and style
powder or liquid etc.
Do not use laundry detergents which contain CL bleach and/or softeners.
• In case of heavy soil or grease, stronger liquid detergents can be used
if they do not contain any chlorine bleach.
• Do not bleach; do not use alkaline, acid or fabric softeners. Do not dry clean.
• Hang dry or dry at 50
C (120
F) or less.
While there will usually be no ironing required, the garments may be ironed
at medium temperature.
***For winter vests and coats, use dry wash only.
Laundry Instructions
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