Fire & Heat Resistant Fabrics

Fire & Heat Resistant Fabrics (Enlarge)
K&K supplies a range of high temperature and fire resistant fabric produced by different producers worldwide. These fabrics can resist temperatures of 500-1000 degrees celzius and are very suitable for welding sparks resistance.

Some of these high performance fabrics are woven from 70% O-PAN (Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile – 62% carbon level).  – 30% Para-aramid fibers. These fibers exhibit very high level of fire and heat resistance while maintaining high tensile and tearing strength due to the p-aramid fibers.


 high temp’ protection, fire spreading prevention barrier, welding curtains and blankets, furnace curtains, fireproof wrap, etc, anti-

IR applications.


Other advantages :

  • High  thermal conductivity – spreads the heat around the fabric
  • Non-shrinkable
  • Non-melting
  • Non opening in the fabric
  • IR non-reflective
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