• K&K


    K&K is specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced textile solutions and protective clothing for various industries.

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  • ESD garments & Textiles

    ESD garments & Textiles

    Wide range of antistatic textile solutions for use in electrostatic protected areas, which comply with the most advanced international standards.

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  • Military Textiles

    Military Textiles

    Top quality innovative technical textile solutions for various applications in the military and defense industries

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  • Fire & Heat Resistant Textiles

    Fire & Heat Resistant Textiles

    K&K offers a wide range of fire and heat resistant fabrics, which are suitable for a variety of applications and industries.

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K&K Advanced Textile Solutions

K&K is an innovative manufacturer of vadvanced textile solutions and protective clothing, providing solutions for the Electronics, Communication and Hi Tech industries. K&K's top quality products are the result of many years of experience and knowledge in the areas of both ESD and textiles.  
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Our Products

K&K's offers its customers a wide range of antistatic fabrics and garments. To view our products press below.

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