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Additional properties segments

Additional properties segments

Additional properties segments1. Camouflage patterns:
  - K&K offer the above textiles with different camouflage patters. Can offer any world
  army pattern, either green forest or yellow desert to urban.
  - These include the standard Digital ACU, NATO, Multicam, A-TACS, etc.
2. IR treatments:
  Above these camo patters we offer high-quality IR-emissive treatments in order to conceal the
    user against IR night vision devices.

3. Coatings:
   We can offer our military textiles with different air or water proof coatings based on PU, Acryl,
   PVC, FR PU or FR PVC in different thickness and weight levels to block and pressure
   of gasses or liquids required.
   For further information do not hesitate to contact us at kk@yail-noa.co.il