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ESD Jacket CX design

ESD Jacket CX design

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  • ESD Jacket CX design

CX Design

Comfortable and breathable static dissipative
jacket for use in EPA-Electrostatic Protective Area
Unisex Design 1/2 length
Easy snap fastening, hidden nickel-free snaps
One breast pocket with ESD logo, two hip
• V-neck design
• Internal breast pocket
• EPA symbol on sleeve
• Pen/badge holder strip
• Short sleeves
• Any other change upon request
• Ladies’ style SX jacket upon request
• NS design CX upon request
Available in SF01, SF30, SF40 and SF50 fabrics   


  ESD Jacket CX01 - Data sheet
  ESD Jacket CX30 - Data sheet
  ESD Jacket CX40 - Data sheet
 ESD Jacket CX30NS - Data sheet